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20K e-commerce website 99 Available

The website is 20k monthly basis installments, with an initial 6 month payment of 120k covering the guarantee here mentioned as Setup Fee.

The package offers an e-commerce website worth 1M fr.

The website will use Kpay provided by Esicia for MoMo,visa and MasterCard payment as online payment method which takes 5% per transaction, DPO Gateway and an offline payment.

A 6 months notice is required to discontinue the service.

All other conditions are covered in our terms and conditions.


Free Domain name registration for 1 year
Free SSL
Hosting plan for for 1 year included
Traffic 20MB/s
Subdomains 1
Ftp 1
Mysql 1
Emails 5
1G Disc storage
48H Support 8h-20h (CAT) with GTI 48h